1. On saturday we put on the show we’ve been working on for the past few months over at Concord College.
    After having worked on a tonne of the images for the show, I got to do a lot of the photography for it. 

    These are some of my favourites from the shoot.

  2. Recently I got to be one of two photographers for an upcoming show out at a super fancy building. There was a load of things to be photographed, but I also managed to take a load of personal images.

    Today I’ve finally gotten around to editing some of my personal ones.
    What a lovely garden it was.

  3. Today I was working as a photographer during a video shoot for Lumina, a contemporary choir from London.

    It was a great day, some incredible voices and an awesome location that filled up with sound spectacularly.

  4. So my new business cards have arrived, looking forward to customising the rest of these

  5. Working on some potential new business cards today.
    Quite excited to get some new ones.

  6. Doing some doodling of this little guy today for something I want to do.

  7. About 600 frames of the animation I’m currently working on.
    Passed through half way last week, hopefully it’ll all be ready for release over the next month or two.

  8. The last month and a half a lot of my work has kept me out of my studio, mostly just image processing, cataloguing and setting up shows.

    But this week I’ve been able to get back to it, and it’s been great, already feeling a tonne more productive again.

  9. Been working on a banner for another youtube gaming channel and wordpress this week, which is always good fun.

  10. Another set of portraits I’ve done over the past couple of weeks for Mint.