1. Today I was lucky enough to get to go around Middleport Pottery in Burslem with my camera. 

    I’ll be part of a team working on some projection there over the next few months and today was my first chance seeing inside the place, and it was amazing. 

    Here’s just 4 of the 100 photographs I got in the hour I was there. It was great and I can’t wait to see how all the projections (and all the other projects going on there) will look!

  2. First time trying out animated splashes.

  4. Games games games.

  6. Yesterday I was in Manchester working on this show. It was really cool getting to head back up North again, seems like too long.

    The show looked pretty great and had a decent crowd all night. 

    Definitely in need of a good rest now though.

  7. Having been really busy recently with a load of projects I haven’t managed to find much time to crack on with the video I’m doing for Thom, but this week (fingers crossed) is committed to cracking on with the next section. 

    It’s a slow process but hopefully it’ll look great when it’s finished.

  8. Been pretty busy recently, hence the lack of updates, but hopefully I’ll have some more stuff I can put up soon.

    I’ve been editing a bunch of images for a stage performance of The Recruiting Officer that’s being put on by Shrewsbury Youth Theatre. The show starts later this week so hopefully I’ll be able to get some photographs of it. 

    Until then I’ll be getting some backstage photos of set up and stuff. I love working in theatres.

  9. It was Nottingham Light Night last night, so I was up north again doing a show at Nottingham Castle.

    I’ve got a bunch of photos to upload shortly, but first here’s our van, staging and projectiona.

  10. Yesterday and today I’ve been recreating text and some image from scans of old WWI propaganda posters with Clough, which has been pretty cool.

    There’s been some damn weird type throughout them, which was at times painful to recreate, but we made it through, and I have a sweet little airship to show for it.