1. This last wedensday I headed back up to Sheffield for the first time since finishing uni there, somehow I still haven’t had my graduation yet, only a couple of weeks though.

    I went back up because Sheffield Hallam Uni’s Graphic Design department had begun their series of ‘Curated by…' lectures for this year.
    Starting them off this year was Ben Newman, who I’d had the fortune of seeing at Offset earlier this year.
    His work’s fantastic and he always makes for a really interesting talk, going through a lot of his influences and what he loves about them much more than talking through his work.
    He had a copy of his latest book ‘Astro Cat' with him which I got to look through for the first time as well, which was really cool, it seemed as though he'd had a fantastic time creating it and it's something he's been building up to for a long time.
    The book itself is amazing and I’ll definitely be picking up a copy for myself soon.

    After the lecture I was lucky enough to get to go over to the Sheffield Tap with some of my old tutors, Ben and Simon Spilsbury who has been teaching a section of the course this year. They were both lovely and we had a really nice time drawing and drinking through the afternoon.
    Thanks to all of them for making the trip back up to Sheffield as great as the three years on the course. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Both Ben’s and Simon’s work is amazing and everybody should take a look.

    One last note, this is the only photograph I got from the event as the lecture hall was real dark and I was on the front row, so here’s Astro Cat’s crotch, taken on my camera by this guy.